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Awesome page for Vets!
                       ML (October 2013) 

It let me explore many options and answered almost all my questions.
                       TT (July 2013) 

Wow... Great, comprehensive site! Thanks
                       LN ( May 2013)

What a welcome change in your Web site. I love the job bank site. It is very modern and visually interesting. It is a much better way to get to the information i'm looking for. Job well done.
                         RS (March 2013)

I just wanted to say what an incredible Web site this is! Very impressive. Thank you to those who have put together and maintained this Web site.
                          DN (January 2013)

I am a college and career specialist and I received a flyer from one of our teachers about CareerOneStop. I am excited about how we can help our students attain their career dreams using the tools and resources on the Web site.
                        OJ (January 2013)

We will link to CareerOneStop from the state college Web site to support our students' career development efforts.
                     CSE (October 2012)

I attended a career expo where I picked up one of your career exploration flyers. I feel this flyer will be beneficial to my program. Thank you.
                    EF (July 2012)

Thank you for sending out the Connections newsletter. I look forward to receiving it four times a year!
                   BB (May 2012)

I went to the One-Stop Career Center for a job fair they were having and found out they offer computer classes on Mondays. Your website was very helpful, thank you
                  UG (February 2012)

Very helpful wage statistics which will help me negotiate my salary for the next job. The trend information is also very helpful.
                  MD (December 2011)

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to utilize your incredibly vast and very professional website to benefit our students here at Union Middle School.
                  NE (September 2011)

Very easy to understand webpage with lots of great examples! Bravo. Will use this with clients.

                 LH- (August 2011)

This is a great resource. Thanks so much for the great work on competencies and career information. Outstanding information.

                 JP- (June 2011)

I think for our students this is going to be a wonderful tool to help get America's youth to work! Thank you!

                 DW- (September 2010)

It was really amazing to have this site to help job seekers. The main advantage with this site is the number of jobs it has in its database. I was really surprised to see the variety of opportunities listed in this site. Initially, I doubted this site as a spam, but the service provided makes it one of the most genuine sites. The customer service provided is really great for people who are struggling for jobs. 

AP- (September 2010)

I love the new mySkills myFuture Web site. I typed in marketing and amazing but the best first match was the exact job I am interested in!

KU- (September 2010)

Using CareerOneStop, I was able to obtain information on license information for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors that I was looking for.

LM- (March 2010)

It helped me see a better angle to job searching. Thank you

RT- (March 2010)

I have always like career one-stop. If what you need isn't on this site, it doesn't exist. The most important aspect of this site is their customer service. If you email them with a question, they actually get back to you in a timely fashion

- GG(january 2010)

I am 51 years old and 11 months ago I was permanently layed off after 8 years of loyal service. I enrolled in a Bachelors Degree for Interior Design at Westwood College Online. I am actually starting on a term paper and I chose your site as a reference. After reading more about your services I fully intend on using them after I graduate, (or maybe even before). I will definetly recommend this site to others in class via the discussion section which is a required area for grading. I am truly impressed by the vast amount of subjects you have and also very impressed by the fact that you even have sites provided for other services. To me, that shows how much confidence you have as an internet provider to the public and I salute you.

- GLR(November 2009)

I would just like to thank whoever made this website. I don't know if you realize how helpful it is.

- KK(October 2009)

We are a not for profit organization. We do not have enough resources to pay for a consultant. This tool is helpful in order to manage human resources issues such as recruitment, selection, and evaluation of personnel.

- NT(August 2009)

CareerOneStop is helping me to better my resume and increase the number of responses and job offers that I am receiving. Thanks so much..

- LO(April 2009)

Being able to locate companies with my trade makes it easy to send resumes to the companies I would like to work for and not just blindly sending resumes. I love the Employer Locator.

- MM(February 2009)
The Skills Profiiler provided the mind set on skills I could apply in my job search. Before seeing it, I had no idea of the skills sets I needed. This really compliments my ability to connect with the job market. Nice to see someone is on top of things.
- RT(November 2008)
I was particularly impressed by the information provided. Job description, potential earnings and estimated job growth over the next few years. Very informative and encouraging.
- JK(July 2008)
I had to chose my field of interest for a project for school. I chose Chldcare Program for my occupation of choice.The site has been very informative and easy to navigate. Thank you for this site
- CT (June 2008)