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CareerOneStop continually updates data, information, content and online tools to support customer needs. Examples include victims of natural disasters, returning military personnel and career professionals helping refugees.

January 2006 Updates

New Tools for Hurricane Recovery Services

Education and training finder tools (on the Education and Training Opportunities page) and a Newsroom section have been added to the Hurricane Recovery Services Web site.

Updated Occupation Wage Data

The wage data used in many of the Occupation Information reports and tools have been updated.

Updated Scholarship Search and Financial Aid Advisor

Exploring financial aid opportunities? Use the Scholarship Search with updated data or the refreshed Financial Aid Advisor.

Updated Base Realignment and Closure Web Site

You'll now find new features on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)Web site: an updated nearest office search report (see sample report), a new American Job Center search, and a search for USDA Rural Development Offices.

February 2006 Updates

Fifty-one New Career Videos

Watch people doing their job. Fifty-one new career videos have been added.

New Version of Skills Profiler

Determine your skills and skill gaps by using the new version of the Skills Profiler.

Updated Data for Tools and Technology

A new Tools and Technology tool with tools and technology data from O*NET has been developed; the same data is also incorporated into the Occupational Profile (see sample report), and the Spotlight section.

Updated Financial Aid Advisor

Data tables on the Financial Aid Advisor have been updated.

Find Social Security Offices

You can now find Social Security Offices using the Office Search on the Service Locator.

New CareerOneStop PTA Web Site

Parents, students, and school counselors - visit the new CareerOneStop PTA Web site for an inventory of tools for you.

March 2006 Updates

Job Description Writer

Need help writing a job description? The redesigned Job Description Writer can walk you through the process.

Find Unemployment Insurance (UI) Filing Support

You can now find information on unemployment insurance (UI) filing support when searching for a American Job Center.

New Customized Training Materials Category in Outreach and Teacing Materials

A new Customized Training Materials category within the Outreach and Teaching Materials section is available for you to find customized materials.

New Industry Data

Researching industries? We've just added new industry data to our reports.

New Occupation National Projections Data

Many of our reports in the Occupation Information section have been updated with new national projections data.

April 2006 Updates

Updated Employer Locator

Search for employers using the Employer Locator, which has just been updated with employer information.

Rural Development Offices

If you are doing an Office Search on the Service Locator, you can now find Rural Development Offices.

Update of Scholarship Search

Find more scholarships with recent updates to the Scholarship Search database.

May 2006 Updates

New Career Resource Library

You'll find two new categories in the Career Resource Library. State Training Institutes and Workforce Professional Training have been added.

Unemployment Insurance Filing Web Sites

The State Gateway now includes state unemployment insurance (UI) filing Web sites.

Updated Certification Finder

200 new organizations and 700 additional certifications have been added to our Certification Finder.

Maps in the Employer Locator

Maps in the Employer Locator and State Profile have been redesigned to use GIS Web services.

June 2006 Updates

Industry Profile Includes Industry Employment

Our Industry Profile now includes industry employment and wage information at the national, state, metropolitan area, and county levels.

New Mapping Tool on Base Realignment and Closure Web Site

A new major actions mapping tool has been deployed on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Web site.

Maps are Now Available on the Workforce Investment Board Contact Search Report

Location maps are now available on the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) contact search report. See sample report.

July 2006 Updates

New Competency Model Clearinghouse

Looking for emerging industry skills needs? Interested in developing your own competency models? Check out the new Competency Model Clearinghouse.

Spanish Career Video

¿Habla Español? Visit the Spanish Career Video page with health care-related videos and career information.

August 2006 Updates

National Farmworker Jobs Program Offices on Service Locator

If you are doing an Office Search on the Service Locator, you can now find National Farmworker Jobs Program Offices.

Updated Population and Income Data in State Profiles

Population and income data have been updated in the State Profiles.

Unemployment Insurance Filing Assistance

Find the best way to apply for Unemployment Insurance with the new Unemployment Insurance Filing Assistance search tool.

September 2006 Updates

Improved Career Exploration

If exploring careers and finding jobs seems completely overwhelming to you, use the improved Career Exploration tool to help tackle the exploration process in five manageable steps.

Career Resource Library Now Merged with the Former Reading Room

Now you can find articles and Web resources with one easy search in the new Career Resource Library, now merged with the former Reading Room.

Updated Unemployment Insurance Filing Assistance

Filing for unemployment? The Unemployment Insurance Filing Assistance search tool has been updated to help you find the help you need.

October 2006 Updates

New Education and Training Finder Tool

Locating education and training institutions just became a lot easier with our new Education and Training Finder tool.

Find Local Veteran Services

Find local veteran services easily with three new Office Searches on the Service Locator: VA Medical Centers, VA Regional Offices, and Vet Centers.

50 largest Employers in Your State

Find the top 50 largest employers in your state in the State Profile (view sample report).

November 2006 Updates

275 Career Videos in Spanish

You can now view over 275 career videos in Spanish with the recent addition of new videos.

Redesigned Occupations with the Largest Employment

Discover the top 50 occupations with the largest employment in the redesigned Occupations with the Largest Employment report (view sample state report).

December 2006 Updates

New State Resources have been added to the Career Resource Library

New state resources have been added to the Career Resource Library. Three categories, Financial Aid, Higher Education, and K-12, have been divided into State Resources and General Resources.

Updated Scholarship Search

Find over 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and other financial aid opportunities with the recently updated Scholarship Search.

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