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  • Move the mouse over Occupation Tiers 6, 7, 8, or 9 to search for O*NET Occupational Competencies Profiles
  • Move the mouse over any of the Competency Blocks to see the definition
  • Click on any Competency Block to see the key behaviors
  • Download the industry model and worksheets in several formats

    Building Blocks Model

    To ensure that the Building Blocks model reflects the foundational knowledge and skills needed by today's workforce, ETA conducted a review of the 22 industry models in the Clearinghouse and analyzed the various changes our industry partners have made to Tiers 1-3 over time. Based on this review we have consolidated the information to update the Building Blocks model to ensure those competencies accurately reflect the workforce needs of industry. As part of this update, ETA also reviewed other competency frameworks, including the Department of Education's Employability Skills Framework and the National Network of Business and Industry Associations' Common Employability Skills.
    The updated model features new information on Sustainable Practices and Health and Safety. It also includes a revised Basic Computer Skills block and updated key behaviors in several competency areas, as well as changes designed to promote equitable access to jobs for all jobseekers. For more information, download the Summary of Changes here.

    The industry model frameworks are based on the competency model building blocks which are modified to meet the industry needs. Scroll down to view the Building Blocks. OR Click on Industry Models on the top menu bar to select another model.
    Generic Building Blocks Competency Model
    Generic Building Blocks Pyramid