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Physical Therapist-West Virginia (Occupation Licenses)
PHYSICAL THERAPIST Performs physical therapy which includes the therapeutic treatment of any person by the use of massage, mechanical stimulation, heat, cold, light, air, water, electricity, sound and exercise, including the mobilization of the joints and training in functional activities, for the purpose of correcting or alleviating any physical or mental condition or preventing the development of any physical or mental disability, and the performance of neuro-muscular-skeletal tests and measurements as an aid in diagnosis, evaluation, or determination of the existence of and the extent of any body malfunction. DOT CODE 076.1221-014 OES CODE 32308 SOC CODE 3033 CIP CODE 512308 LICENSING AUTHORITY EXAMINATION AND FEES WV State Board of Physical Therapy --Written examination Route 1...

Physical Therapy Assistant-West Virginia (Occupation Licenses)
PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSISTANT Assists the licensed physical therapist in the provision of physical therapy. The physical therapist assistant is required to work under the direction and supervision of the licensed physical therapist. The physical therapist assistant may also carry out routine operational functions, including supervision of the physical therapy aide or equivalent, and documentation of treatment progress. Performs selected and delegated tasks under ongoing assessment of the physical therapist. DOT CODE 076.224-010 OES CODE 66017 SOC CODE 5233 CIP CODE 510806 LICENSING AUTHORITY EXAMINATION AND FEES WV State Board of Physical Therapy --Written examination Route 1, Box 306 --Given once yearly Lost Creek, WV 26385 --Application and license 70 --Examination 200 --Renewal 35 LICENSING REQUIREMENTS --18 years old...

Physical Therapist Assistant-Alabama (Occupation Licenses)
Assist physical therapists in providing physical therapy treatments and procedures. May, in accordance with State laws, assist in the development of treatment plans, carry out routine functions, document the progress of treatment, and modify specific treatments in accordance with patient status and within the scope of treatment plans established by a physical therapist. Generally requires formal training.

Physical Therapist-Washington (Occupation Licenses)
Individuals must have graduated from a nationally accredited, board certified school, must have a passing score on the National Physical Therapy examiniation, must provide a complete work history from receipt of physical therapy degree. Individuals must list states where credentials were granted and were applied for, provide information on physical and mental health, lack of impairment due to chemical dependency, any felony convictions or loss or limitations of privileges, any disciplinary actions and a professional liability claims history. Individuals must submit application and pay required fee.

Physical Therapist-Nevada (Occupation Licenses)
Applicants must 1 Have completed a curriculum of physical therapy approved by the Board official transcripts required . 2 Pass the national examination. 3 Submit fingerprints, photo, original transcripts and references with application. Notes Application signature must be notarized. A minimum of 1.5 continuing education units are required for physical therapist license renewal. Fees may be subject to change. Fees are application and initial license-- 300 national examination-- 370 testing center fee-- 85 examination processing fee-- 25 fingerprinting-- 37.50 annual license renewal-- 150.

Physical Therapists-New Hampshire (Occupation Licenses) integral member of the health care team in hospitals, private clinics, secondary schools, and other health care settings. Statute/Rules:NH RSA 328-A and 328-F; Administrative Rules Chapter Ahp 100-300 and Phy 100-500 Licensure Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age Be of good moral character Must graduate from a professional physical therapy education program accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) or by another board-approved accrediting organization Pass the national proficiency examination Examination: Written examination required National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) Continuing Education:A minimum of 24 hours of continuing education is required every two years Fees: Application: $60.00 Initial licensure...

Physical Therapist-Nebraska (Occupation Licenses)
Occupational Description The practice of physical therapy includes the use of exercises and other treatments to  Restore physical function;  Promote fitness and health; and  Reduce the risk of injuries. Physical therapy is the care and services provided by or under the direction of a physical therapist. Physical Therapist Assistants assist physical therapists in the practice of physical therapy. Licensure Requirements The applicant must have reached the age of majority, have graduated from an accredited physical therapy program or if training as a physical therapist was in a foreign country, the applicant must have completed a program of professional instruction that is substantially equivalent to an approved education program; have passed the licensure examinations and have proof that the applicant is...

Physical Therapist-Rhode Island (Occupation Licenses)
After physician referral, plans, monitors and administers physical therapy for patients to restore bodily functions, relieve pain and prevent disability due to disease, injury or other disabilities. Personal Requirements, Education Experience, Reciprocity, Examinations and Fees can be found at http licenses healthcare index.php

Physical Therapist-Oklahoma (Occupation Licenses)
JOB DESCRIPTION A physical therapist is a professional health-care practitioner who plans, monitors, and administers physical therapy for patients to restore bodily functions, relieve pain, and prevent disability due to disease, injury, or other disabilities. After physician referral, the therapist reviews and evaluates a patient's medical record and often consults with the patient's physician in determining treatment. A variety of methods are used by the therapist in treatment such as exercise, massage, or the application of electrical impulses or ultraviolet rays. Physical therapists work at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, home-health agencies, or in private practices. SOC 29-1123 EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS Educational Level Graduation from a school of physical therapy approved by a national accrediting body recognized by...

Physical Therapist-Connecticut (Occupation Licenses)
PHYSICAL THERAPIST NATURE OF WORK: Assess, plan, organize and participate in rehabilitative programs that improve mobility, relieve pain, increase strength and decrease or prevent deformity of patients suffering from disease or injury. May use means such as exercise, heat, baths, and massage. DURATION: Annual FEES: Initial Application: $225.00 Renewal: $50.00 PREREQUISITES: Approved physical therapy program, National Physical Therapy Examination or current certification by the American Registry of Physical Therapists. REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Individual review of credentials by agency staff to determine if statutory requirements have been met. For renewal: Licensees must retain proof of completion of 20 hours of related continuing education every year. See agency website for more details.

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