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Physical Therapy Instructor-New Mexico (Occupation Licenses)
License to provide training for physical therapy in New Mexico.

Physical Therapist-Colorado (Occupation Licenses)
DESCRIPTION Physical Therapy is the examination, treatment, or instruction of human beings to detect , assess, prevent, correct, alleviate or limit physical disability, movement dysfunction, bodily malfunctions or pain from injury or disease, and other bodily conditions. LICENSE REQUIREMENTS Graduation from Physical Therapy school and passing the National Physical Therapy Examination NPTE . FEES By Exam - 25 By Endorsement - 30 Renewal - 44. CONTACT Colorado Physical Therapy Licensure Office, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1340, Denver, CO 80203, 303 894-2440, physical-therapy index.htm

Physical Therapist Assistant-Iowa (Occupation Licenses)
PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT PTA Licensing Authority Jan Scheffert Physical and Occupational Therapy Board Iowa Department of Public Health Lucas State Office Bldg 5th Fl 321 E 12th St Des Moines IA 50319-0075 Phone 515 281-4401 Fax 515 281-3121 E-mail jscheffert Legal Authority Code of Iowa, Chapter 148A.6 Iowa Administrative Code 645, Chapters 199-204 Job Description A physical therapist assistant PTA works under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist to implement treatment programs according to the plan of care. They train patients in exercises and activities of daily living, conducting treatments, using special equipment, administering modalities and other treatment procedures and reporting to the physical therapist on the patient's responses...

Physical Therapist-Nebraska (Occupation Licenses)
Occupational Description The practice of physical therapy includes the use of exercises and other treatments to  Restore physical function;  Promote fitness and health; and  Reduce the risk of injuries. Physical therapy is the care and services provided by or under the direction of a physical therapist. Physical Therapist Assistants assist physical therapists in the practice of physical therapy. Licensure Requirements The applicant must have reached the age of majority, have graduated from an accredited physical therapy program or if training as a physical therapist was in a foreign country, the applicant must have completed a program of professional instruction that is substantially equivalent to an approved education program; have passed the licensure examinations and have proof that the applicant is...

Physical Therapist-Arizona (Occupation Licenses)
Major Requirements for License By Examination 1 Official transcript or letter, along with signature of registrar of university or college where applicant completed all requirements of an accredited educational program that includes official seal of university or college 2 Verification of passing a national examination in physical therapy as evidenced by an original notice of examination results 3 Verification of passing a jurisprudence examination as evidenced by an original notice of examination results 4 Statement if applicant has ever been licensed as a physical therapist in any other jurisdiction of the United States or foreign country 5 Foreign educated applicant, see Board of Physical Therapy Web site By Endorsement All of the above and 1...

Physical Therapy Assistant-Indiana (Occupation Licenses)
In order to obtain cerification as a physical therapist's assistant in Indiana, the candidate must Have graduated from a 2-year college-level education program for physical therapist's assistants that meets the standards set by the committee. Pass the examination administered by the committee. Have not been convicted of a crime nor have been subject to disciplinary sanctions that would interfere with the ability to carry out professional duties. Pay all exam and application fees. Certificates are renewed in even-numbered years. More detailed information, including application materials and test dates, may be obtained directly from the Physical Therapy Committee.

Block Models Rehabilitation Therapy (Competency Model )
Block Models - Rehabilitation Therapy Back to model pyramid Rehabilitation Therapy Understanding the purpose of therapy as a means to restore the function of a patient client diagnosed with an illness or disability through therapeutic measures and reeducation to participate in the activities of a normal life within the limitations of the person's physical disability or health status. Critical Work Functions Understand the elements of a treatment plan for cognitive, emotional, physical, or psychosocial adjustment or development Understand the benefits of a rehabilitation therapy program appropriate to the patient’s needs and selected activity s Understand the various types and benefits of rehabilitative therapies Describe the general principles of health maintenance and personal hygiene Technical Content Areas Legislation Americans with Disabilities...

Physical Therapist-California (Occupation Licenses)
Practitioners of physical therapy. Fees: Application: $125 License: $100 National examination: $370 Examination on California laws & regulations: $30 Criminal history background check based on fingerprints: $51 Examination Frequency: Fixed date testing 4 times a year Exam Locations: Throughout California and most other states. Experience Requirement: Graduation from a Board-approved physical therapist education program. Foreign-educated candidates must meet academic requirements in Business and Professions Code, Section 2653. Average Time to Process Application: 120 days. Renewal Period: Biennially (birth month). Special License Requirements: Private practice physical therapy certification by the Department of Health Services to perform outpatient Medicare services. Comments: N/A Authority: Business and Professions Code, Sections 2630-2632, 2634-2635, 2635.1, 2636, 2636.5, 2650, 2650.1...

Physical Therapists-Missouri (Occupation Licenses)
An applicant for licensure shall be at least 21 years of age, furnish evidence of qualifications by submitting evidence of completion of an approved program of physical therapy. Applicants shall pass a test administered by the board. Contact licensing agency for more information.

Physical Therapist-Washington (Occupation Licenses)
Individuals must have graduated from a nationally accredited, board certified school, must have a passing score on the National Physical Therapy examiniation, must provide a complete work history from receipt of physical therapy degree. Individuals must list states where credentials were granted and were applied for, provide information on physical and mental health, lack of impairment due to chemical dependency, any felony convictions or loss or limitations of privileges, any disciplinary actions and a professional liability claims history. Individuals must submit application and pay required fee.

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