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Found a job you like?

Once you've accepted a job, whether it's your dream job or just a small step on your career ladder, you can follow some simple steps to keep your career moving forward:

  1. Know and meet your employer's expectations. Make sure you're clear about what your employer expects in terms of schedule, dress, attitude, and the amount and quality of your work. To understand your workplace culture, read the employee manual, ask your boss directly, and listen and learn from co-workers.
  2. Be a good communicator. Don't be afraid to discuss issues with your boss, but always ask first when a good time would be.
  3. Take advantage of your performance reviews. Stay calm. Learn from them. Ask how you can improve. Most supervisors appreciate employees who are concerned about performance and finding ways to improve. Your job success is also their success.
  4. Continue to learn. Professional development is a key part of career advancement. Take any job-related classes available to you and keep records of the ones you've completed. Talk to your employer about the skills and knowledge your job requires. Ask about on-the-job training. Since it generally costs much more to hire a new employee than to retrain a current one, employers are usually happy to provide training to the right employee.

Remember that your job is where your skills, experience and knowledge meet your employer’s needs. To compete in today’s global market, companies and individuals need to innovate. Keep looking for ways you can be the kind of person your employer needs.