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This information comes from the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) report, the Greening of the World of Work.

Green Career Categories
Higher Demand Occupations = Higher Demand Occupations
These occupations already exist but are expanding due to increased demand for green goods and services. See a List

Changing Skill Occupations = Changing Skill Occupations 
These occupations already exist but their skill requirements are changing in response to green trends. See a List 

New Green Occupations = New Green Occupations
These occupations are brand new and emerging due to green trends. See a List

Education and Training
This information comes from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click on the link next to an occupation to view long-term or short-term training options in your area for that occupation.

A certification is issued by an external organization to show that a person has attained a certain level of skill in a particular area. Some employers require certifications in certain occupations. Click on the check mark next to an occupation to learn about certifications in that occupation.

Some occupations require licenses. License requirements vary by state. Click on the check mark to find out if your state requires a license for that occupation.


Explore Green Careers: Recycling and Waste Reduction

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Includes careers related to solid waste and wastewater management, treatment, and reduction, as well as processing recyclable materials.

OccupationEducation & TrainingCertificationLicense
Changing Skill OccupationsHazardous Materials Removal WorkersModerate-term on-the-job training
Find College Programs
Find Short-Term Training
Certifications availableLicenses available
New Green Occupations Recycling and Reclamation WorkersModerate-term on-the-job training
New Green Occupations Recycling CoordinatorsWork experience in a related occupation
Changing Skill OccupationsRefuse and Recyclable Material CollectorsShort-term on-the-job trainingCertifications availableLicenses available