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Make Your Education Work for You

Hiring managers often make decisions based on candidates' education levels.

The problem is that too much education can send a negative signal. It can suggest to an employer that you’ll be dissatisfied, you won’t fit in, or you’ll leave for a higher-paying job at the first opportunity. If you really want the job, control the signal your education is sending.

  • Highlight your love of learning. Show that your education means that you’re a person who enjoys learning, and who doesn’t think they know it all. Mentioning how much you've grown from on-the-job training experiences is one way to get this message across.
  • Focus on workplace rather than academic achievements. Discuss your workplace skills, accomplishments and dedication rather than degrees or academic honors. If employers can see that your extra education makes you more perceptive, reliable, and capable than other job candidates, they will be more likely to see you as a valuable employee, instead of a risky choice.