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Job Search Tips

Job hunting can be a full-time job.

As a veteran, you can seek help from a Veterans Employment Respresentative at your local American Job Center. You can also find Employment Resources at the National Service Directory for veterans.

Also, follow the tips below to make your job search a success. 

Make a plan. A successful job search requires planning and time. When you're transitioning from military to civilian life, your first need may be to earn money.  Find out about any Unemployment Benefits you may qualify for, and learn about More Benefits and Assistance. You may also think about temporary work as you keep searching for a long-term position. Visit CareerOneStop's Creating a Job Search Plan for tips on planning a successful job search.

Know your options. Use CareerOneStop's Military-to-Civilian Occupation Translator to learn about civilian careers that may use the training, skills, and experience you gained in the military. You can also explore occupations and industries on CareerOneStop. You can get advice about the best option for you at your local American Job Center.

Network, network, network. Talking to everyone you know is key. Read about how Networking can help you find and land a job.

Polish your resume. When you apply for a job, your resume is often the only information an employer has about you. Make sure your resume shows why you are right for the job. Visit CareerOneStop's Resume Guide to get tips and see resume samples to help get you started.

Hunt deep for job leads. Use many methods to search for jobs. Explore job banks, job fairs, American Job Centers, and your personal network. Here are some ways to get started:

Brush up on your interview skills. Visit CareerOneStop's Resumes & Interviews for job interview tips.

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