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After evaluating the data, the final stage is the creation and dissemination of the asset map. Once the map has been created, the draft should be circulated to the entire project team and, perhaps, the larger advisory board, for review and comment. The process of creating the draft map and then finalizing it can require an additional three weeks of work, as it is desirable to have a number of stakeholders review it for accuracy and impact.


Dissemination can occur through a number of means. Among them:

  • Development and distribution of print collateral

  • Presentations at public forums

  • Posting on Web site(s)

  • Publication through mass media, such as newspapers

  • Direct mailings to key stakeholders and/or a wider audience

In each region, there will be at least three groups which need to be provided with the results of the asset mapping: a top echelon of regional leaders; a broader set of leaders; and the general public. The asset mapping team must consider the information needs and learning styles of constituents in each of these groups.


The asset mapping team may want to provide each member of the top echelon with an executive summary of the entire process and key findings, and then offer personal briefings. These briefings will provide the leaders with an intimate understanding of the outputs and allow them to ask the questions that are most meaningful to them.


The second, broader set of leaders does not necessarily require personal briefings, but it may be prudent to develop a special version of the asset map report that is tailored to their needs. The general public can be informed through a variety of means. It is often useful to employ more graphics and summary charts in a publicly-released report than might be the case with the two leadership groups.


Recognizing that funds for communication are finite, the asset mapping team must carefully analyze how it can best ensure comprehensive exposure to its work by the regional community.


View a representative timeline for asset mapping.


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