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Information for asset mapping is gathered from five primary sources: existing knowledge of project participants, previous regional reports, public data, surveys, and interviews. These last three sources are particularly relevant to comprehensive asset mapping projects. The asset mapping team needs to be creative in using resources available to them and in determining if there are additional region-specific metrics that should be included.


Table: Suggested Data Collection Approaches by Mapping Level


Level of Asset Mapping Data Collection Approach
Level I: Identification
  • Review of basic public data

  • Report gathering and review

  • Input from regional team members and regional partners

Level II: Basic Evaluation
  • Data sources in Level I

  • Public data sources/databases

  • Interviews

Level III: Comprehensive Assessment
  • Data sources in Level I and II

  • Regional business survey

  • Additional Interviews



Learn more about these sources:

    Public Data and Historical Reports

    Regional Business Survey

    Community Leadership Interviews



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