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The time and resource commitment required to produce a usable asset map is dependent on the quality and quantity of resources assigned to the project. In most cases, it is reasonable to expect twelve to fourteen weeks of dedicated effort by the project team to complete a three-level mapping exercise.


The upfront work—creation of the project team, scoping and goal-setting, and performance of Level 1 work—can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks. This includes time for obtaining review of and feedback on the inventory list from stakeholders outside the project team.


Level 2 analysis can be completed by the project team itself or in conjunction with outside contractors. The length of this task will vary depending on the number of individuals assigned to the task, the resources provided, and how much effort beyond accessing public data sources is required. In general, this can be finished in approximately two to three weeks.


Level 3 evaluation can greatly vary in scope of effort. For example, if the project team decides that additional input-gathering will help build support for the overall regional initiative, it may decide to conduct a greater number of interviews or meetings. Scheduling and holding these meetings can extend the completion date. Generally, three to four weeks should be sufficient for the compilation of the necessary data if appropriate planning is undertaken.


Evaluation of the data—either by the project team alone or in combination with outside contractors—can take another two to three weeks. The net result of the evaluation may be a determination that more or better data is needed, in which case individuals should be delegated to fill the information gaps. A template and checklist to help guide project scoping and implementation is included on the WIRED Collaborative Web space.


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