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Developing a clear project scope and goal statement is critical to the success of the mapping project. The significance of this stage of work cannot be overstated—it will impact everything from the data collection plan to the ultimate implementation strategies.

To start, the region must be defined—in some cases, there may be a clear delineation of a region, based on geography, history, or similar factors. In other cases, it will be a function of cooperation between different jurisdictions that may not have previously worked together for economic or workforce development purposes. Key questions the project team must address are:


  • What are the learning objectives for the asset mapping process?

  • What level of asset mapping should be undertaken?

  • What should the region be benchmarked against—national norms, the data of other competitor regions, or some other standards?

  • Should the region be benchmarked as of a point in time or over a period of time, and how should that data be gathered?

  • What resources are available for accomplishing the asset mapping?

  • Which stakeholders need to be consulted at the various stages of work?

  • To whom and how should the asset map be disseminated?

The scoping phase should lead to a development of an implementation plan that identifies key roles and responsibilities and contemplates a process of ongoing dissemination and updating of map information.


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