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Help and FAQs - Videos

  1. What are the videos?
    Videos provide additional information about careers, career clusters, industries, work options, and abilities. Spanish career videos are also available. Download times may vary.

  2. Who created the videos?
    A video consortium, consisting of various state workforce agency representatives, develops the career videos. Please contact Robert Massanova, the head of the Career Video Consortium, for more information.

  3. Can I download the videos?
    The videos are available for downloading. They may be downloaded in several different formats. Please visit the OneStop Career System Multimedia Career Video Library to download videos. All videos are available in English. Most of the videos are also available in Spanish. Download times may vary.

  4. Can I get the career videos in other formats?
    The career videos may be downloaded in several different formats. Please visit the One-Stop Career System Multimedia Career Video Library to download.

  5. What are career clusters?
    The U.S. Department of Education has established 16 Career Clusters that reflect a new direction for education. Each cluster consists of all entry-level through professional-level occupations in a broad industry area. Each cluster includes both the academic and technical skills and knowledge needed for further education and careers. Clusters provide an ideal organizing tool to assist educators, counselors and parents in their work with students to identify their interests and future goals. For more information, visit the Career Clusters website.


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