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| Financial Aid - For Your Lifelong Learning Goals

Welcome to the Financial Aid resource database! Here you will find information on how to get the money to pay education costs and continue your lifelong learning process. Whether you are looking for the training to advance in your current career or to make a transition toward a new career path, CareerOneStop and its financial resources are sure to benefit your agenda.

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What Are My Education/Training Goals?

Use these resources to start your quest for financial aid on the right track! Determine your career goals by matching your interests with your abilities, then discover what training or certification is necessary in the field you have chosen.
  • Use These O*NET Career Exploration Tools - O*NET OnLine
    This set of self-directed career exploration/assessment tools are designed to help you assess career options and accomplish career preparation and transitions more effectively. The tools also are designed for use by students who are exploring the school-to-work transition.
  • Locate Career Assessment Sites - America's Career InfoNet
    Find which careers match your interests and abilities.
  • Find Your Nearest American Job Center - America's Service Locator
    Speak with a career guidance professional to help you plan your education goals.
  • Explore Different Careers - America's Career InfoNet
    Identify resources to help you find a career that matches your interests and skills. Find out how to get the additional training to move into or move up within that career.
  • Search for Skills - O*NET OnLine
    Using O*NET, create a list of skills you have or plan to acquire, then find occupations that match most of your skills.
  • Search for Certifications and Certifying Agencies - America's Career InfoNet
    Identify which certifications are associated with your chosen occupation.
  • Discover Licensed Occupations - America's Career InfoNet
    Some occupations require workers to hold special licenses. This directory shows some of the licensing requirements by state, and the agencies responsible for issuing the licenses.
  • Find Test and Assessment Information - CareerOneStop
    Learn about testing and assessment resources available in CareerOneStop.
  • Find Training and Education Information - Career OneStop
    Learn about training and education resources available in CareerOneStop.
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How Much Will It Cost?

CareerOneStop can help you calculate the cost of education required for your potential field of work, and then budget accordingly. Review these links regarding college costs, training providers, and tax credits before making your financial plan.
  • Calculate College Costs -
    Determine your goals and what it takes to reach them.
  • Find Colleges and Tuition Information - U.S. Department of Education
    Search a database of over 9,000 community and technical colleges, universities, and trade schools for contact information and tuition costs.
  • Consolidate Your Debt - America's Career InfoNet
    Resources to help you restructure your finances to make college affordable.
  • Interactive Budgeting Worksheet and Calculator - U.S. Department of Education
    This interactive budget calculator will help you determine your expenses and estimate your total available income, based on the total cost of your education and all of your resources.
  • Direct Consolidation Loan Calculator - U.S. Department of Education
    This tool can help you calculate the number and amount of loan repayments and the amount of interest paid for various Federal education loan programs.
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Where Can I Find Money?

Many private, Federal and state programs offer financial assistance, grants, loans, and scholarship opportunities for educational use. Let CareerOneStop point you in the right direction toward financial affordability.
  • Apply for Federal Student Aid - U.S. Department of Education
    Get help in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and how to look up a college's Federal School Code.
  • Link to Scholarship Resources - CareerOneStop
    Find scholarship resources on the Internet.
  • Find Financial Aid, Loans for Education, and Scholarships - America's Career InfoNet
    Identify financial aid links and background information on assistance programs.
  • Find Scholarships - America's Career InfoNet
    Search for scholarships from the public and private sectors.
  • Government Benefits and Assistance -
    Answer a series of questions about yourself to view a list of government benefits you may be eligible to receive along with information about how you can apply.
  • Use the Financial Aid Advisor - America's Career InfoNet
    Find public and private sector education funding sources and estimate your Pell Grant and Expected Family Contribution based on your personal circumstances.
  • Locate Scholarship Search Websites - America's Career InfoNet
    Search these free online databases for scholarship information.
  • Federal Student Aid Portal - U.S. Department of Education
    Find information on financial aid eligibility, Student Aid Records (SAR), federal and state programs, loan interest calculators, and more.
  • Pay For Your Education -
    Guidance of finding aid from the U.S. Armed Forces, through community service, foundations and organizations, and Federal and state agencies.
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