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Short-term Training

Short-term training usually includes programs that last for two years or less. There are several options.

Certificate programs

A certificate program is an academic program. It generally requires nine to 30 credits that can be completed in a year or less by a full-time student.

Some certificate programs are for people who want to quickly enter a specific job. You usually need to have a high-school degree to enroll in one of these. Others programs provide specialized training for people who already have college diplomas or degrees. Many community and technical colleges offer short-term training programs. Use CareerOneStop’s Short-term Training Finder to locate specific programs in your local area.


You can earn a certification for a specific occupation by taking a test to prove you have certain skills and knowledge. Some people earn a certification in order to enter an occupation. Other people earn specialty certifications to help them advance in their careers.

Earning a certification can give you a big leg up in the job market. It’s a key item that hiring employers look for on resumes.  Some employers—especially in occupations such as nursing and financial planning—may require workers to have certain certifications.

Certifications are often offered by national organizations that specialize in particular fields or technologies. You can find certifications related to your career with CareerOneStop’s Certification Finder.