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More Sample Resumes

The samples below* use a variety of formats and approaches. However, note that each starts out with a summary or profile that quickly communicates who the writer is and what he or she offers. For more ideas on communicating your unique strengths and brand, read about these top resume strategies.

Krista Ann Brown, Certified Nursing Assistant
Krista uses a functional format to highlight her strong skills in caring for the elderly and vulnerable adults. Her role as a kind, caring professional shines through this resume.

John Grant, Supply Chain Manager
John uses a chronological format to highlight his strong experience in manufacturing and material requirements planning (MRP). Because MRP is important to his job target as a supply chain manager, he highlights the term throughout.

Meg McDonald, Paralegal
Although Meg’s last two assignments were temporary, they support her target of working as a paralegal. So she uses a chronological focus. Note her keyword-rich qualifications list, which highlights functions she handled as a paralegal.

Michael Jones, Public Relations Position
Michael is a journalism and public relations graduate seeking an opportunity in public relations. The one-page format allows him to emphasize his recent degree while still promoting his internships with top firms in the area.

Mary Ann Johnson, Healthcare Writer/Editor
Because she has impressive experience in her field, Mary Ann uses a chronological format. She also emphasizes the healthcare organizations she has worked with by providing a brief description of each in italics.

*Content used in these samples is based on real-life situations, but specific details have been changed. Any resemblance to actual people is unintended.

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