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Help: TAACCCT Grantee Program Finder on CareerOneStop

What is the TAACCCT grant program?

The Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant program provides community colleges and other eligible institutions of higher education with funds to expand and improve their ability to deliver education and career training programs that can be completed in two years or less, are suited for workers who are eligible for training under the TAA for Workers program, and prepare program participants for employment in high-wage, high-skill occupations.

What data are available on this website?

Data on this website are about programs of study and courses that were or will be developed and offered by institutions receiving TAACCCT grant awards in FY 2011, FY 2012 and FY 2013 (TAACCCT Rounds 1, 2 and 3). Data on grant awards in FY 2011 and FY 2012 are self-reported by TAACCCT grantees, and include details on programs of study and courses funded by the grants.

For TAACCCT grants awarded in FY 2013, programs of study and courses were still under development at the time of publication of this website. Therefore that level of detail is not included here.

How do I get started?

Enter any keyword, including the name of a program of study, credential, industry, institution, TAACCCT project name, course, or any other keyword and a location (optional).  To use the Advanced Search, enter the keyword, then specify whether to search as a Program of Study, Institution, TAACCCT grant project, or Course name.

How can I get more information about TAACCCT grant projects?

Please read the abstracts that more thoroughly describe the TAACCCT grant projects, at .  In addition, the DOL Grant Application and Award Database contains abstracts (all) and full applications (winning grantees only) at

When using this website, you may find specific grantee contact information on the “project detail” page.

How can I correct or enhance my institution’s data on this website?

The TAACCCT team will contact grantees to correct or update the data on this website.

What can I do on the website?

This website lets you find details about projects funded by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Program. You can find details here about funded programs of study, institutions, projects and courses. You have tremendous flexibility in how you can search. Here are some examples.

Example 1: Find all programs of study in my state that were developed under any TAACCCT grant.

From search entry:

(1) In keyword box, type nothing.

(2) In Location box, enter your state.

(3) Click on “Advanced Search” (the plus sign) and choose “Program of Study.”

(4) Click the “Search” button.

Example 2: Find all projects in my state that have either the word “health” or “healthcare” in their title.

From search entry:

(1) In Keyword box, type “health healthcare”

(2) In Location box, enter your state.

(3) Click on “Advanced Search” (the plus sign) and choose “TAACCCT grant project.”

(4) Click the “Search” button.

Search results are too broad. How can I narrow my results?

If you are looking for a specific phrase (two or more words), consider putting your search term in quotes.

Filters in the left panel offer many powerful ways to narrow your search results. The filters that are offered depend on the particular page you are on.

Search tips

If the system is showing you a list of one kind of entity but you want a different kind (for example, showing institutions but you want courses), then (a) consider specifying the kind of entity you want in the “Advanced Search” option on the search entry page, or (b) from any summary page try the “New Search by” links in the upper left corner of the page.

Consider entering *no search term at all* (leave it blank), then use filters to narrow the results to just the group you want. You could use this strategy to find all courses within your area: leave keyword box blank; enter your city and state, or ZIP Code; open the Advanced Search choices and select “Courses”; then click “Search”. The filters will allow you to narrow your search in many dimensions, if you want.

What is “Alt Industry?”

Grantees provided two industry designations for each funded program of study:

1. A NAICS code: This is a standardized, widely-used taxonomy for classifying industries.

2. The designation used by the project: For some programs of study, that’s a very specific sort of industry, while others used a more broad description.

The institution I am looking for is not there. Why not?

This TAACCCT Grant Program Finder uses an official list of post-secondary institutions maintained by IPEDS ( as the way it structures institutional data. In a few cases, an institution identified as part of a TAACCCT grant project is considered a member of a system of institutions in IPEDS. Within this website, you’ll only see the official IPEDS names for each institution, though the TAACCCT grant program itself has more flexibility.

Can I download data about TAACCCT products?

Yes! From any TAACCCT summary screen (institution summary, project summary, program of study summary, and course summary), you can choose to download the current search results. This option appears near the bottom of the screen. You can choose any of four common file formats. The Excel format contains a number of fields that are not displayed on the screen but may be useful. The PDF, Word, and RTF format downloads display the results and the fields that appear on the page.

Users can directly download up to 100 records at any one time. If you need more records than that, please send your data request to