Know Your Hiring Needs

Know Your Hiring Needs

Know Your Hiring Needs

A good hiring strategy really boils down to two key questions: What, exactly, do I need? and Where am I going to find it? Asking these questions will help you move forward with your hiring.

What, exactly, do I need?

  • Have I created a job description that includes the purpose of the job at my company, essential job functions, and other key information?
  • Do I know what additional qualities are essential for success in the position? What are my must-haves, and what can I do without?
  • Do I need a person who is already trained, or am I willing to train the right person?
  • Given the work, timeframe, and budget, do I need a permanent employee (full-time or part-time), temporary worker, or contractor? What about an intern?

Where am I going to find it?

  • Does an existing employee have the skills I need? Can I promote or transfer that person instead of hiring someone new?
  • Have I checked my network (current and past employees, customers and vendors, chamber of commerce, professional associations, LinkedIn group, church or other community groups) to see if they know anyone that might be a good fit?
  • What are the best Internet sites for posting jobs? How do I find my state job bank?
  • Are any colleges in my area training people with the skills I’m looking for?
  • Which temp agencies have people with the skills I need?
  • Would a job fair help bring in good applicants?

Need help with your hiring strategy? At most American Job Centers, Business Service Representatives offer assistance on a range of recruiting and hiring issues.

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