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Research Salaries

Need help figuring out a salary range for a position? Doing some salary research can help you stay competitive in your hiring process. CareerOneStop's Salary Finder is a great place to start.

Comprehensive salary data

CareerOneStop’s Salary Finder provides average wages for more than 800 occupations. See how wages compare in your local area, your state, or across the nation.

With Salary Info, you can:

  • View data for an occupation at the zip code or state level
  • View high, median, and low wages for the occupation you select
  • Switch between hourly and yearly wages for the occupation
  • View the latest data comparing national and local wages
  • Explore additional information on an occupation

Need assistance with finding salary information or with other workforce issues? Contact your local American Job Center and connect with a Business Services Representative or other resources that can help.


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