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Decide On A Candidate

Deciding which candidate to hire is a critical decision, so take the time to do it right. Too often a decision is made before the interview is even over, when careful follow-up can yield important information.

Post-interview review

The candidate may have performed flawlessly in the interview and have impeccable credentials, and still not be the right person for the job. So do a careful review.

  • Revisit the notes you made, and record any additional thoughts that come to mind. Pay particular attention how well you think the candidate will adapt to your environment.
  • If anyone else interviewed the candidate, get their feedback. What was their gut impression? Do they have any concerns that warrant further investigation?
  • Review results of any tests or other assessments the candidate completed. If the results suggest training might be needed, consider whether the investment is warranted.
  • Complete reference and other required checks (degrees earned, credit history, etc.). The candidate will generally supply positive references, go beyond them if necessary.
  • Before you make your final decision, make sure that all steps you have taken along the way are nondiscriminatory and legally defensible.

For help with employee selection and other workforce issues, contact your local American Job Center to connect with a Business Services Representative or other resource.

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