Negotiate an Offer

Negotiate an Offer

Negotiate an Offer

You've done the hard work of recruiting, interviewing, and deciding on a candidate. Now it’s time to make an offer, negotiate if necessary, and contact applicants who weren’t chosen for the position.

Basic steps in making an offer

Once you’re certain you’ve made the right decision on a candidate, move ahead quickly by taking the following steps:

  1. Contact the candidate and extend a verbal offer. Confirm the candidate’s continued interest, and recap basic details of the job, including salary, start date and time, etc.
  2. Follow up with a written offer letter or email. It’s important that this letter does not in any way suggest guaranteed employment or job security.
  3. For some candidates, it may be necessary to negotiate on salary. Ideally, you will have anticipated this based on your previous interviews with the candidate.
  4. Once the offer letter has been received and a copy signed by the candidate, other required paperwork can be completed.

Acting promptly is important, especially if the candidate is in demand or and the position was difficult to fill. It also shows consideration for all candidates—the successful candidate and those who weren’t chosen.

Contacting applicants who weren’t chosen

For applicants who weren’t selected, send a polite letter or email letting them know of the decision. The message should be brief, straightforward, and general; communicate your decision without providing detail that could be challenged by the recipient.

For help with negotiating an offer or with other workforce issues, contact your local American Job Center to connect with a Business Services Representative or other resource.

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