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Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction (Industry)
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the construction of power lines and towers, power plants, and radio, television, and telecommunications transmitting receiving towers. The work performed may include new work, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repairs. Specialty trade contractors are included in this group if they are engaged in activities primarily related to power and communication line and related structures construction. All structures including buildings that are integral parts of power and communication networks e.g., transmitting towers, substations, and power plants are included.

ARINC Installer, Technician AFI/AFT (Certifications) providing technical leadership and guidance. These activities directly support aviation industry goals promote safety, efficiency, regularity, and cost-effectiveness in aircraft operations. ARINC recognizes ETA International as the fiber optic industry training certification entity in regards to the aerospace industry in the United States. The ARINC certification is based on the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE standards. ARINC Industry Activities organizes and provides the secretariat for international aviation organizations AEEC, AMC, FSEMC which coordinate the work of aviation industry technical professionals and lead the development of technical standards for airborne electronic equipment, aircraft maintenance equipment and practices, and flight simulator equipment used in commercial, military, and business aviation. The AEEC, AMC, and FSEMC develop consensus-based, voluntary...

Telecommunications Industry Knowledge (Certifications)
...Industry Knowledge test measures your knowledge of the telecommunications industry. Designed for individuals with broad knowledge of the industry and its trends, this test covers the following topics Data, Fiber Optics, Telephony, and Wireless

SAE Fabricator SFF (Certifications)
For individuals involved in the manufacturing, installation, support, integration and testing of fiber optics systems. Intended for managers, engineers, technicians, trainers instructors, third party maintenance organizations, quality assurance and personal production. Both the SAE and ARINC certifications are based on the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE standards

Electricians-Montana (Occupation Licenses)
...electricians connect them to circuit breakers, transformers, and other components. They twist the ends of the wires together using pliers, and cover the ends with plastic connectors. Sometimes they use soldering guns to melt metal onto the twisted wires. When the wiring is finished, electricians test that all the circuits work properly. They follow the national electric code as well as state and local building codes when installing systems. Some electricians have helpers. Electricians teach helpers how to complete tasks and supervise their work. Electricians may install fiber optic or coaxial cables. These are used for computers and telephones. They connect motors to electrical power. They may also install electronic controls for industrial equipment. All electricians use hand...

Communication and Energy Wire and Cable Manufacturing (Industry)
This industry comprises establishments insulating fiber-optic cable, and manufacturing insulated nonferrous wire and cable from nonferrous wire drawn in other establishments

Non-Destructive Testing Specialists (Occupation Information)
Test the safety of structures, vehicles, or vessels using x-ray, ultrasound, fiber optic or related equipment

Termination and Testing Technician TTT (Certifications)
...properly, terminate, connect, test and troubleshoot IP-enabled voice data video cable and devices to each other. One of the key advantages to using Cat 5e 6 6A and fiber optic cables and connectors for electronic security and voice video data installations is that these cable connections can be readily built using the proper tools and techniques

Photonics Technician Operator PTO (Certifications)
Photonics technicians work in jobs where they assemble, measure, test, and repair optical components such as lenses, mirrors, filters, fiber optics and electro-optic or other photonics devices plus optical sources such as lasers and light-emitting diodes LEDs . Technicians typically work in applications where photonics is an quot enabling technology quot - such as manufacturing materials processing, internet communications, biomedical equipment, and defense homeland security systems development integration. Due to the high technical standards and safety issues involved, technicians will receive specialized training in both knowledge and hands-on skill items

Certified Alarm Security Technician CAST (Certifications)
Alarm Security Technicians must be able to identify and describe the operations of alarms and have basic understanding of technology and its configuration, fiber optics-telecommunications, software, and computers and locks. The CAST will be able to explain, understand, and use block diagrams and schematics, digital concepts, software, hand tools-soldering, data communications, and cameras and intercoms

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