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    Professional development (Find Training )
    ...Professional development simply means keeping up to date on the trends, skills, technologies, and other characteristics of your field. So how do you find out about what’s new in your profession, or what short-term training opportunities are available in your workplace or your community Here are a few suggestions. Network with others in your field Find professional associations by occupation or industry Find local training programs that can help you get to the next level in your career Contact your local school district to find short-term community education classes Subscribe to newsletters and other lists to keep informed on the latest trends in your field

    Apprenticeships (Find Training )
    Apprenticeships Apprenticeships Apprenticeships are a great way to enter a number of well-paying occupations in the manufacturing, construction, health care and transportation industries, among others. An apprentice gains hands-on work experience in an occupation, while also taking classroom instruction. Apprenticeship programs are sponsored by employers, labor unions and associations. Programs last between one and six years and provide wage increases as you gain work experience. Minimum qualifications must be met to apply. The Registered Apprenticeship program is a way to enter about one thousand careers, including these top occupations Automobile Mechanic Construction Laborer Electrician Pipefitter Find employers and other sponsors of apprenticeships at Apprenticeship Finder . Learn more about apprenticeship at Apprenticeship USA

    My skills are out of date (Find Training )
    ...s new in my field—or in a career I want to enter Go online to research what’s happening in your industry or career area. Get started by searching for the name of the career or industry and “professional development.” You might find recent blogs or articles to read, or webinars to view. Find and join a professional association to learn trends in your field. Many national organizations have local chapters. You might read journal articles and attend a conference or workshop. Visit Tools Technology Finder to look up the most common tools or types of technology used in hundreds of occupations. How can I gain skills right away Refresh basic English or math skills at a literacy...

    What's right for me? (Find Training ) a career Certification A credential that you earn by taking a test to prove your knowledge or skills Test 1 day May require work experience and or training Meet job requirements or preferences Stay competitive in your field Apprenticeship A formal combination of training and full-time paid job. Offered for hundreds of occupations through employers, unions and associations. 1 to 6 years Enter a high-skills, high-pay field Train while earning wages Internship Formal on-the-job training, usually unpaid 1 month to 1 year Gain work experience and contacts to help break into a field Explore a career of interest Professional development Any learning activity that helps you keep up-to-date in your field...