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    New Green Occupations Green Careers (Explore Careers )
    New Green Occupations Green Careers New Green Occupations Occupation Description Air Quality Control Specialists Perform a wide range of air quality compliance duties including equipment and facility permitting, compliance auditing, emissions control research, recordkeeping and reporting, participation in planning processes. Automotive Engineering Technicians Assist engineers in determining the practicality of proposed product design changes, and plan and carry out tests on experimental test devices and equipment for performance, durability and efficiency. Automotive Engineers Develop new or improved designs for vehicle structural members, engines, transmissions and other vehicle systems, using computer-assisted design technology. Direct building, modification, and testing of vehicle and components. Biochemical Engineers Apply knowledge of biology, chemistry, and engineering to develop usable, tangible products. Solve problems related to materials, systems and processes that interact w...

    Set Career Goals (Explore Careers )
    ...Increase earnings. Being underpaid often detracts from motivation and performance. Making changes to earn more increases enthusiasm for most jobs, and motivates a job search. Improve low-functioning work processes or relationships. This goal area can make the daily work experience more positive and rewarding. Have new experiences. Whether volunteering in your community or at work, joining a professional association to meet new people in your field, or introducing yourself to people you never talk with, new experiences fuel interest in your career. Attain a leadership role. Many people feel their ultimate goal is to lead in their career or organization. Establishing the steps to achieve a leadership role makes it possible. How to set goals A popular acronym...

    Professional Development l (Explore Careers ) By developing the expertise most needed by employers in your field, you will be in a better position to look for a new job, or advance in your current job. What are my options Professional development includes a variety of activities college courses or degrees, professional conferences, professional skill training offered by your employer, certifications, workshops, joining professional associations, reading trade or industry publications, holding informational interviews with other professionals, taking webinars, working with a mentor, obtaining professional coaching or consultation to improve your skills, and more. How will it help my career Professional development can help you Strengthen your opportunities for promotion, career longevity and personal growth Meet annual training hours required by some professions to maintain...