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Electricians-Montana (Occupation Licenses)
...electricians connect them to circuit breakers, transformers, and other components. They twist the ends of the wires together using pliers, and cover the ends with plastic connectors. Sometimes they use soldering guns to melt metal onto the twisted wires. When the wiring is finished, electricians test that all the circuits work properly. They follow the national electric code as well as state and local building codes when installing systems. Some electricians have helpers. Electricians teach helpers how to complete tasks and supervise their work. Electricians may install fiber optic or coaxial cables. These are used for computers and telephones. They connect motors to electrical power. They may also install electronic controls for industrial equipment. All electricians use hand...

AUTOMOBILE CLUB OR AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION AGENTa n individual is required to be licensed under the laws of this state to sell, solicit or negotiate membership in an automobile club or association/LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: Applicant is of good moral character Applicant must hold a current insurance producer license with the State of Tennessee OR provide a personal selection report/criminal background check Applicant has been recommended by an Automobile CLub Complete and file the application and fee of $20.00RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS: License may be renewed annually by submitting a completed renewal application and fee

Community Association Manager Registration-Connecticut (Occupation Licenses)
60.00 Application Fee, 200.00 Initial License Fee

Community Association Manager-Georgia (Occupation Licenses)
Requirements Must fulfill ONE of the educational requirements listed as 1, 2, or 3 above under the heading "Salesperson Applying For An Associate Broker or Broker License " AND fulfill ONE of the following successfully complete an additional 75-hours in a course or courses approved by the Commission, or successfully complete a 75-hour Salespersons Prelicense Course approved by the Commission, or successfully complete a minimum of 10 additional quarter hours or 6 additional semester hours of college course work eligible for a major in real estate from a U.S. or Canadian accredited college or university. Must pay the appropriate licensing fee as described below Any person making application for a broker's license must pay a total fee of 170.00 The examination fee of 115.00.

Attorney-Louisiana (Occupation Licenses)
...Education Applicants are required to obtain 7 years of education after high school, four years of undergraduate study, and three years of law school. Attorneys must possess a bachelor's degree to qualify for admission into law school. Law school graduates receive the degree of jurist doctor (J.D.). Requirements for License Must complete and pass the bar examination administered by the Committee on Bar Admissions of the Supreme Court of Louisiana. Each attorney must complete the requirements of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education program administered by the Louisiana State Bar Association, and pay annual membership dues to the Louisiana State Bar Association, plus an annual assessment to the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board. Licenses issued by the Louisiana Supreme Court

Hearing Instruments Specialist-Kentucky (Occupation Licenses)
...have completed the twelve (12) month apprenticeship as required by the board in order to sit for the exam. Any applicant holding a master's degree in audiology licensed under KRS 334A or holding at least a master's degree from a recognized college or university and having the certification of clinical competence in audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association shall not be required to submit to or undergo any training or other procedures other than the payment of fees and successful completion of the examination. GENERAL INFORMATION for LICENSURE or CERTIFICATION Applicant must twenty-one (21) years of age or older, must be of good moral character, must be a citizen of the United States or show status...

Attorney-Nevada (Occupation Licenses)
Those who wish to practice law in Nevada must pass the State Bar examination after graduating from a law school approved by the American Bar Association. Applicants for admission to the bar must: 1) Have received a degree of bachelor of law, or an equivalent law degree, from a law school approved by the committee on legal education and admissions of the American Bar Association. 2) Have good moral character and be willing and able to abide by the high ethical standards required of attorneys and counselors at law. 3) Have not been refused admission to or disbarred from the practice of law in any U.S. state, court or governmental agency due to unfitness of character. 4) Not...

Respiratory Therapist-Louisiana (Occupation Licenses)
...Occupational Employment Statistics Program Entry Hourly: $19.96 Experienced Hourly: $26.00 Job Description/Wage/Training & Education Data Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008-2009 and Training/Education: Formal training is necessary for entry into this field. The length of the training varies depending on the type of degree obtained. Some programs offer an associate or bachelor degree that allows a person to work as a Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT). Shorter programs offer certification that will lead to jobs at the entry-level of this field. Requirements for License Must be a graduate of an American Medical Association approved respiratory therapy program, and pass the appropriate examination

Radiology Student Permit-Indiana (Occupation Licenses)
...a The following persons are eligible for a student radiology permit 1 A student enrolled in a radiologic technology program approved under this article. 2 A student enrolled in a radiation therapy program approved under this article. 3 A student enrolled in a nuclear medicine technology program approved under this article. 4 A student enrolled in an American Dental Association accredited dental assisting program. b A student radiology permit expires upon the student's withdrawal or termination from the program or six 6 months after the student's graduation from a radiologic technology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, or dental assisting program. c Students in a program listed in subsection a must be appropriately supervised according to applicable educational standards by an...

Geologist-Washington (Occupation Licenses)
Individuals must graduate from an accredited college or university with a degree in geological sciencess and have at least 5 years of documented and verifiable professional geological practice or specialty practice if applying for a specialty , must be of good moral and ethical character as assested to by 2 references and pass the National Association of State Boards of Geology examination

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