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Introduction to the Tools

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Build a Competency Model
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Build a Career Ladder/Lattice

The Competency Model Clearinghouse (CMC) offers two interactive on-line tools to help businesses, educators, and workforce professionals achieve their talent development goals: the Build a Competency Model Tool and the Build a Career Ladder/Lattice Tool. In the User Guides section you will find instructions, examples, and worksheets to assist in applied uses of competency models and career ladders/lattices. You can use these Guides in combination with the interactive tools or alone. The worksheets let you download the competencies and key behaviors of an industry model in several formats and work off-line on curriculum evaluation or other workforce related functions. See User Guides for more information.

The Build a Competency Model Tool will guide you through the development of a competency model that identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform successfully in your industry. Then, the Build a Career Ladder/Lattice Tool will help you build career ladders/lattices that outline critical experiences individuals need to progress through a career in your industry.

Follow the links provided on the left side of your screen to review general information about competency models and career ladders/lattices as well as specific information about the tools. You are strongly encouraged to review the instructions and go through the tutorials before building your competency model or career ladder/lattice.