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What does this tool do?

Find Resources search tool lets you find the information you need on competency-related topics.

How do I get started?

Enter a keyword to search for competency-based resources and click "Search."

What can I do with these results?

Your results page provides a list of all competency resources in our database that relate to your search term. Some search terms will result in very long lists. You can narrow your results using the filters on the left-hand side of your screen.

From your list of results, you have several options:

  • Click on any resource's name to see a detailed page including, if available, a resource URL, creation date, type, certifications, and developer information.
  • Sort your list of resources by name.
  • To start over with a new search term, click the blue "New Search" button on the top left side of the page.
  • You can download and save your list of competency resources in Excel, PDF, Word, or RTF using the "Download" button at the bottom of your results list.
  • To email or print your results, use the controls at the top right of the page.

Where does this information come from?

All of the competency resources information is compiled and maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment & Training Administration (ETA).

Who can I contact for help?

Contact the Competency Model Clearinghouse Service Center by email at

Where can I find resources that describe competencies?

The Find Resources database has been assembled to provide competency-related information for workforce development efforts. The database entries include documents or other resources that list, describe, or are based on competencies, such as curriculum, assessment instruments, skill standards, apprenticeship work process schedules, etc. Information about the resources is contained in a link to the Web site that describes the resource.

What types of competency-based resources are available in the database?

The purpose of the Find Resources database is to assist users in identifying the many existing competency-based resources currently in use. The database is not exhaustive, but contains numerous examples of the resources that were tapped to identify competencies in the development of the industry models. These resources include: apprenticeship work process schedules, career lattices or ladders, skill certifications, curricula and education programs, and skill standards. These resources generally contain descriptive information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success in the field.

All information in the Clearinghouse has been obtained from publicly-available Web sites. There is no evaluation or endorsement of the information or products contained on these sites. The developers of the Competency Model Clearinghouse do not endorse, take no responsibility for, and exercise no control over the developing organization or its views or site contents, nor do they vouch for the accuracy of the information contained on the destination server for the items in the Find Resources database.

How do occupational and skill certifications connect back to the competency models?

Certifications are a form of credential that indicates the holder of the certification possesses certain competencies or skills. The competencies identified by certifications are generally developed by industry associations or private firms that market a product or process. Competency models in the Clearinghouse database are linked to existing certifications based on the certification's requirements.

How do assessment instruments fit into the picture?

Assessment instruments have many uses: personality tests, interest inventories, achievement tests, and others. Assessments also take many forms: paper-pencil tests, oral exams, demonstrations of skill or proficiency, and/or evaluations by peer groups or supervisors. Assessment instruments can measure the attainment of knowledge, skills, or abilities contained in the foundation and technical competencies. Frequently, the attainment of a certification requires successful performance on an assessment test. Numerous assessments can be found in the Find Resources database.

Why can't I find a resource for a certain occupation or industry?

The Competency Model Clearinghouse resource database is a work in progress and continues to grow and expand. Resource information is added and updated on a continual basis. The focus is on industries and occupations represented by the competency models on the Clearinghouse and not all industries and occupations are represented. Using effective search terms increases the likelihood of finding the desired resources.

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