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  • Overview of the Competency Model Clearinghouse: A Prezi Presentation
    In this brief presentation you will learn about the competency model initiative, its application in the real world, and the tools made available to various users through the Competency Model Clearinghouse website.
  • Technical Assistance Guide (PDF)
    This guide is a resource for the stakeholders and partners of the public workforce development system supported by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA).
  • A Guide for Developing Competency Models (PDF)
    Guidelines for inclusion of custom-developed models on the Competency Model Clearinghouse.
  • User Guides
    The Competency Model Clearinghouse User Guides are designed to assist users in developing and utilizing competency models.
  • Speaker's Guide (PPT)
    CMC PowerPoint Presentation and Speaker's Guide.
  • Competency-based Curriculum Video Series  New
    The "How to Crosswalk Competency Models for Curriculum Development" video series.
  • Industry Competency Model Initiative – Handout (PDF)
    A one page description of competency models and the Competency Model Clearinghouse.
  • Industry Competency Model Initiative – Infographic (PDF)
    A visual presentation of the competency model initiative, competency models, and the resources on the Competency Model Clearinghouse.
  • The Customizing Competency Models Through Convening Guide provides a variety of resources, ready-to-use tools, and examples of successful regional partnerships all in one place to help as you engage in the process of convening partners to customize a competency model. While there is no single way to customize a competency model, this Guide provides a simple three-phase approach that can be used across industries and regions.
    • Phase I: Building Data
    • Phase II: Convening Employers and Partners
    • Phase III: Selecting a Post-Convening Path
  • NCDA Webinar
    US Department of Labor Open & Free Online Resources for Career Advisors
    Presented by: US Department of Labor Employment &Training Administration