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Read what our users are saying about the Competency Model Clearinghouse and its resources

Industry : Health Care, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing
Model Use(s) : Career Paths, Ladders, Licenses

"As the Knowledge to Work portal expands, ETA's Competency Model Clearinghouse and industry frameworks are being used extensively. We are also in the process of aligning these frameworks with the Industry-Wide Technical Competencies delineated in Tier 4 of ETA's Information Technology, Health Care and Advanced Manufacturing Competency Models."

John Milam
Executive Director, Knowledge to Work
Lord Fairfax Community College
Middletown, VA
October 2017
Industry : Advanced Manufacturing
Model Use(s) : Communicate Industry Needs

"We found that ETA's Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model was a great tool for a middle ground in our conversations with employers. It enabled us to start the disucssion locally and move to regional conversations with employers and community colleges to find out how we get certifications to match the competencies that employers need."

Breda Perea
Instructional Design Project Manager
Colorado Community College System
Denver, CO
July 2017
Industry : Information Technology
Model Use(s) : Curriculum Development

"Our consortium's Resiliency Competency Model and its corresponding integration process align well with ETA's Building Blocks Model. We combined what is in the Workplace Competency and Personal Effectiveness tiers--tiers 1 and 3--as five "resiliency competencies" with corresponding "example actions" that students, ergo employees, should be able to perform."

Ed Fians
Faculty Engagement and Content Specialist
Northeast Resiliency Consortium
Passaic, NJ
June 2017
Industry : Mechatronics
Model Use(s) : Curriculum Development; Certification,Licensure and Assessment

"ETA's Mechatronics Comptency Model is the foundation for our curriculum."

Jim Heffermen
Professor of Electronics Engineering Technology
Quinsigamond Community College
Worcester, MA
January 2017
Industry : Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Model Use(s) : Curriculum Development

"Working with ETA's advisory group helped to define the event management profession and put ETA's competency model in the hands of practitioners. I've been working with organizations, academia and the event industry to adopt the model, which has been received with great enthusiasm and appreciation."

Janet Sperstad
Program Director, Meeting and Event Management
Madison Area Technical College
Madison, WI
August 2016