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1.2 Integrity

Displaying strong moral principles and work ethic.

    1.2.1 Behaving ethically
    • Abide by a strict code of ethics and behavior, even in the face of opposition.
    • Encourage others to behave ethically.
    • Understand that behaving ethically goes beyond what the law requires.
    • Use company time and property responsibly.
    • Perform work-related duties according to laws, regulations, contract provisions, and company policies.
    1.2.2 Acting fairly
    • Treat others with honesty, fairness and respect.
    • Make decisions that are objective and reflect the just treatment of others.
    1.2.3 Taking responsibility
    • Take responsibility for accomplishing work goals within accepted timeframes.
    • Accept responsibility for one's decisions and actions and for those of one's group, team, or department.