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1.4 Initiative

Demonstrating a willingness to work.

  • 1.4.1 Showing Commitment
    • Pursues work with energy, drive, and a strong accomplishment orientation
    • Expends extra effort to accomplish tasks even when conditions are difficult or deadlines are tight
    • Persists at a task or problem despite interruptions, obstacles, or setbacks
    • Exerts effort toward task mastery
  • 1.4.2 Taking Initiative
    • Takes initiative in seeking out new work challenges and increasing the variety and scope of one’s job
    • Establishes personally challenging but realistic work goals
    • Goes beyond the routine demands of the job
    • Seeks opportunities to influence events and originate action
  • 1.4.3 Working Independently
    • Works effectively and efficiently
    • Is solutions-oriented
    • Is able to perform effectively even with minimal direction, support, or approval and without direct supervision
  • 1.4.4 Demonstrating Motivation
    • Is intrinsically driven to succeed and excel
    • Strives to exceed standards and expectations
    • Demonstrates confidence in one’s capabilities and an expectation to succeed in future activities