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Demonstrating a willingness to work.

  • Persisting
    • Pursue work with energy, drive, and a strong accomplishment orientation
    • Persist and expend extra effort to accomplish tasks even when conditions are difficult or deadlines are tight
    • Persist at a task or problem despite interruptions, obstacles, or setbacks
  • Taking initiative
    • Go beyond the routine demands of the job
    • Take initiative in seeking out new work challenges and increasing the variety and scope of one's job
    • Seek opportunities to influence events and originate action
    • Assist others who have less experience or have heavy workloads
  • Setting challenging goals
    • Establish and maintain personally challenging but realistic work goals
    • Exert effort toward task mastery
    • Bring issues to closure by pushing forward until a resolution is achieved
  • Working independently
    • Develop own ways of doing things
    • Perform effectively even with minimal direction, support or approval and without direct supervision
    • Strive to exceed standards and expectations
    • Exhibit confidence in capabilities and an expectation to succeed in future activities