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Science and Engineering

Knowing and applying the principles, rules, and methods of science and engineering to solve problems.

  • Scientific knowledge and methods:
      Scientific Method – the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of a hypothesis

      Subject-specific Scientific Knowledge
      • Physical Sciences, including Agricultural Science – production of goods through the growing of plants, animals, and other life forms; Biology – the phenomena of life and living organisms; Environmental Science/Ecology – the relationships between organisms and their environments; Forestry – the cultivation, maintenance, and management of forests; Geology – the origin, history, and structure of the earth; Hydrology – properties, distribution, and effects of water on the Earth's surface; Meteorology and Climatology – phenomena of the atmosphere, especially weather and weather conditions; Oceanography – scientific study of oceans, the life that inhabits them, and their physical characteristics; Physics – matter and energy and their interactions
      • Social sciences, including Anthropology – the origins and social relationships of human beings; Demography – the characteristics of human populations; Economics – the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management; History – the interpretation of past events involving human beings; Political Science – the government of states and other political units; and Sociology – the study and classification of human societies
  • Engineering knowledge and methods:
      Engineering Methods
      • Design – design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models
      • Engineering technologies, including computer-aided engineering and drafting, site surveying, leveling, and ground-based laser scanning

      Subject-specific Engineering Knowledge
      • Familiarity with applications of science and engineering principles