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2.6 Critical and Analytical Thinking

Possessing sufficient inductive and deductive reasoning ability to perform job successfully.

  • 2.6.1 Reasoning
    • Reviews, analyzes, synthesizes, compares and interprets information
    • Draws conclusions from relevant and/or missing information
    • Applies critical thinking skills to formulate solutions to problems
  • 2.6.2 Mental Agility
    • Identifies connections between issues
    • Understands, orients to, and learns new assignments
    • Demonstrates the ability to multi-task and adjust to changes when working on multiple projects or issues
  • 2.6.3 Employing Unique Analyses
    • Employs unique analyses and generates new, innovative ideas in complex areas
    • Integrates seemingly unrelated information to develop creative solutions
    • Develops innovative methods of obtaining or using resources when insufficient resources are available