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3.5 Scheduling and Coordinating

Planning and prioritizing work to manage time effectively and accomplish assigned tasks as efficiently as possible.

    3.5.1 Plan
    • Approach work in a methodical manner
    • Plan and schedule tasks so that work is completed on time
    • Keep track of details to ensure work is performed accurately and completely
    3.5.2 Prioritize
    • Prioritize various competing tasks
    • Perform tasks quickly and efficiently according to their urgency
    • Find new ways of organizing work area or planning work to accomplish work more efficiently
    3.5.3 Allocate resources
    • Estimate resources needed for project completion
    • Allocate time and resources effectively
    • Coordinate efforts with all affected parties
    • Keep all parties informed of progress and all relevant changes to project timelines
    3.5.4 Anticipate obstacles
    • Anticipate obstacles to project completion
    • Develop contingency plans to address them
    • Take necessary corrective action when projects go off track
    3.5.5 Arranging and informing
    • Make arrangements (e.g., for meetings or travel) that fulfill all requirements as efficiently and economically as possible
    • Inform others of arrangements, giving them complete, accurate, and timely information
    • Ensure that others receive needed materials in time
    • Handle all aspects of arrangements thoroughly and completely
    • Respond to the schedules of others affected by arrangements, resolve schedule conflicts or travel issues, and take corrective action
    3.5.6 Coordinating in distributed environments
    • Coordinate schedules of colleagues, co-workers, and clients in regional locations (i.e., across time zones) to ensure that inconvenience is minimized and productivity is enhanced
    • Leverage technology (e.g., internet, teleconference) to facilitate information sharing in distributed work environments
    • Take advantage of team member availability throughout business hours in multiple time zones to enhance productivity
    3.5.7 Shiftwork
    • Effectively coordinate the transition of staff at the beginning and end of each work shift
    • Disseminate crucial information in an organized manner to rapidly bring staff up to speed at the start of their shifts
    • Ensure that staff is updated on work completed on past shifts and work that still needs to be completed