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3.8 Business Fundamentals

Application of basic business and management principles to connect industry trends with services the company sells and provides to the customer.

  • 3.8.1 Situational Awareness
    • Understands the mission, structure, and functions of the organization
    • Understands the impact of economic, social, and technological changes on the organization
    • Recognizes one's role in the functioning of the company and understands the potential impact one’s own performance can have on the success of the organization
    • Grasps the potential impact of the company’s well-being on employees
    • Understands the culture of safety and practices safe work habits.
  • 3.8.2 Physical Aptitude
    • Recognizes the physical aptitudes necessary to perform critical work functions
    • Demonstrates sufficient stamina to complete critical work functions (e.g., complete full shift, walking, carrying heavy objects for extended periods)
  • 3.8.3 Business Ethics
    • Demonstrates respect for coworkers, colleagues, and customers
    • Acts in the best interest of the company, the community, and the environment
    • Complies with applicable laws and rules governing work and reports loss, waste, or theft or company property to appropriate personnel
  • 3.8.4 Industry Knowledge - Private Sector
    • Understands the industry, industry market trends, and the company’s position in the market
    • Knows who the company’s primary competitors are, their products/services, strengths/weaknesses, and, to the extent possible, organizational strategies
    • Understands the company’s priorities, workforce capabilities, strategic plan, business plan, critical customers, suppliers, and stakeholders
    • Understands major competitive challenges faced by the organization
  • 3.8.5 Industry Knowledge - Public Sector
    • Understands the industry and the organization’s mission in support of industry success
    • Knows the agency’s key stakeholder roles and priorities, and stays current on key organizational strategies
    • Understands major challenges faced by the organization and industry, and key strategies to address challenges