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Working cooperatively with others to complete work assignments.

  • Acknowledging team membership and role
    • Accept membership in the team
    • Know the roles of each team member
    • Interact with others consistent with the team structure and lines of authority
    • Show loyalty to the team
    • Identify and draw upon team members' strengths to achieve results
    • Learn from other team members
  • Establishing productive relationships
    • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others
    • Exhibit tact and diplomacy
    • Show sensitivity to the thoughts and opinions of other team members
    • Respond appropriately to positive and negative feedback
    • Practice team membership skills, such as cooperation, leadership, and anticipation of the needs of coworkers
  • Identifying with the team and its goals
    • Be aware the goals of the team
    • Cooperate with others and contribute to the team's effort
    • Use a group approach to identify problems and develop solutions based on group consensus
    • Effectively communicate with all members of the group or team to achieve team goals and objectives
    • Respect interdisciplinary differences among team members
  • Resolving conflicts
    • Handle conflicts maturely by exercising "give and take" to achieve positive results for all parties
    • Manage conflict within the team through consideration of others' points of view
    • Reach formal or informal agreements that promote mutual goals and interests, and obtain commitment to those agreements from individuals or groups