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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Applying critical-thinking skills to solve problems by generating, evaluating, and implementing solutions.

  • Identifying the problem
    • Anticipate or recognize the existence of a problem
    • Use all available resources to locate and obtain information relevant to the problem
    • Recall previously learned information that is relevant to the problem
  • Locating, gathering, and organizing relevant information
    • Gather and organize information to gain a better understanding of the problem
    • Refer the problem to appropriate personnel when necessary
  • Generating alternatives
    • Integrate previously learned and externally obtained information to generate a variety of alternative approaches to solving the problem
  • Choosing and implementing a solution
    • Choose the best solution after contemplating available approaches to the problem
    • Commit to a solution in a timely manner, and develop a realistic approach for implementing the chosen solution
    • Re-evaluate solution to ensure it was the appropriate approach