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Customer Focus

Actively looking for ways to meet customer or client needs.

  • Understanding customer needs
    • Demonstrate a desire to understand client/patient needs
    • Listen to what clients/patients are saying and asks questions as appropriate
  • Providing personalized service
    • Provide prompt, efficient, and personalized assistance to meet the requirements, requests, and concerns of clients/patients
    • Provide thorough, accurate information to answer clients/patients' questions
    • Actively look for ways to help clients/patients by identifying and proposing appropriate solutions and/or services
    • Establish boundaries as appropriate for unreasonable client/patient demands
  • Acting professionally
    • Deal with internal or external customers in a pleasant, courteous, and professional manner
    • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with clients/patients, and display a good-natured, cooperative attitude
    • Deal with difficult clients/patients in a calm and empathetic manner
    • Represent the organization to the public
  • Keeping customers informed
    • Follow up with clients/patients
    • Keep clients/patients up to date about decisions that affect them