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Scheduling & Coordinating

Making arrangements and scheduling appointments.

  • Informing
    • Respond to the schedules of others affected by arrangements
    • Inform others of arrangements, giving them complete, accurate and timely information
    • Ensure that others receive needed materials in time
  • Verifying
    • Take steps to verify all arrangements
    • Recognize problems, generate effective alternatives, and take corrective action
  • Coordinating in distributed environments
    • Coordinate schedules of colleagues, co-workers, and clients to ensure that inconvenience is minimized and productivity is enhanced
    • Leverage technology (e.g., internet, teleconference) to facilitate information sharing in distributed work environments
  • Shiftwork
    • Disseminate crucial information in an organized manner to rapidly bring employees up to speed at the start of their shifts
    • Ensure that employees are updated on work completed on past shifts and work that still needs to be completed