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4.4 Health Industry Ethics

Evaluating and applying the merits, risks, and social concerns of activities in the field of health care.

Critical Work Functions

    4.4.1 Act in the best interests of the client/patient.
      4.4.2 Interpret and adhere to a code of ethics.
        4.4.3 Demonstrate professional standards of clinical practice.
          4.4.4 Operate within the scope of practice of the chosen health care field.
            4.4.5 Report and prevent abuse and neglect.
              4.4.6 Protect confidentiality of client/patient records.
                4.4.7 Differentiate between ethical and legal issues impacting health care.
                  4.4.8 Explain ethical decision making in health care practice.
                    4.4.9 Explain clients' rights and responsibilities in relation to ethical decision making.
                      4.4.10 Understand the role of organizational structures to support ethical decision making (e.g., ethics committees).
                        4.4.11 Demonstrate how cultural competence impacts ethical decision making.
                          4.4.12 Discuss the role of morality and ethics in health care.
                          • Ethical and legal issues impacting the health care industry
                          • Malpractice, liability, and negligence
                          • Problem sensitivity – the negative consequences of action/inaction
                          • Problem solving techniques when confronted with ethical dilemmas or issues
                          4.4.13 Demonstrate confidentiality in providing patient care.
                          • Expressed, informed, implied, and involuntary consent
                          • HIPAA
                          • Patient's Bill of Rights
                          4.4.14 Practice cultural sensitivity in providing patient care.
                          • Language assistance services (e.g., bilingual staff and interpreter services)
                          • National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)
                          • Service area demographics