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4.1 Design and Development Lifecycles

Analyze, design and develop solutions to monitor and control the production and delivery of goods and services.

Critical Work Functions

    4.1.1 Design automation-related production and production support systems
      4.1.2 Create and apply technology to control production and process functions
        4.1.3 Develop specifications for the design and development of automated control systems
          4.1.4 Incorporate requirements of internal and external customers
            4.1.5 Interpret and clarify customer expectations and product specifications
            Technical Content Areas

              4.1.6 Design lifecycle
              • "Design for X" (design within constraints)
              • Simulation development of prototype processes and products
              • Support systems design and development
              • System design, development, testing, and costing
              • Utilization
              • Technical drawings and schematics
                • CAD drawing fundamentals
                • Geometric dimensions and tolerances
                • Interpretation of drawings and schematics
                • Print reading
              • Research and development fundamentals
                • Intellectual property protection
                • Human subject protection
                • Market/sales/life cycle analysis
                • Research and design procedures
              4.1.7 Development lifecycle
              • Commissioning
                • Loop checks
                • Calibration
                • Verification
                • Punchlist
                • Maintenance Management System updates
              • Testing
                • Data analysis and verification
                • Data interpretation and corrective action implementation
                • Statistical process control
                • Documentation fault finding
                • Ergonomic simulation and assessment of tasks
                • Manufacturing/processing concept planning
                • Mixed model line balancing
                • Plant layout planning and analysis
                • Procedure analysis and verification
                • Resource planning
                • Workloads on multiple stations