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4.2 Operations Management

Design, commission, monitor, control, and improve technology that supports production and process schedules to meet customer requirements.

Critical Work Functions

    4.2.1 Develop industrial production/process plans and documentation
      4.2.2 Support the operation and control of production/process equipment
        4.2.3 Monitor industrial processes and systems
          4.2.4 Manage continuous improvement process
            4.2.5 Manage raw materials/consumables/outputs
              4.2.6 Perform industrial process applications and operations
              Technical Content Areas

                4.2.7 Industrial production and process basics (including but not limited to a knowledge of)
                • Industrial Process (continuous or batch) – processing, transporting or conveying liquids, gases, or goods in pipes or on conveyers
                • Basic continuous control
                • Basic discrete, sequencing, and manufacturing control
                • Motor and drive control
                • Motion control
                • Advanced control
                • Discrete manufacturing – the manufacture, assembly, or handling of individual parts
                • Hybrid manufacturing – the packaging or bottling of manufactured goods
                4.2.8 Production/process monitoring
                • Calibration
                • Process troubleshooting
                • Controlling process flow
                • Documentation and reporting
                • Environmental parameters
                • Instrumentation
                • Performance of analytical tests
                • Time, materials, and costs
                4.2.9 Industry-wide standards (including but not limited to)
                • Documentation of measurement and control instruments and systems (ISA 5)
                • Enterprise/control integration (ISA 95)
                • Manufacturing and control systems security (ISA 99)
                4.2.10 Project management and execution
                • Contracts
                • Material and resource management
                • Operator training
                • Personnel management methods
                • Project lifecycle
                • Project management tools and techniques