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4.3 Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Maintain and optimize technology in support of process or manufacturing equipment and systems.

Critical Work Functions

    4.3.1 Support the installation, customization, or upgrading of equipment
      4.3.2 Utilize predictive maintenance techniques
        4.3.3 Apply preventive maintenance to ensure production or industrial process runs smoothly
          4.3.4 Identify, diagnose, and/or repair equipment problems
            4.3.5 Communicate with others to ensure maintenance and repairs meet operational needs
              4.3.6 Maintain hands-on knowledge of equipment operations
                4.3.7 Maintain equipment, tools, systems, and workstations
                  4.3.8 Understand Maintenance impact on critical operations
                  Technical Content Areas

                    4.3.9 General skills
                    • Basic disassembly/assembly skills
                    • Installation and calibration of instrumentation
                    • Design and document equipment/system/process improvements
                    • Equipment/system/process troubleshooting
                    • Installation of parts for industrial equipment
                    • Schematic drawings, models, and control documents
                    • Use of hand tools
                    4.3.10 Maintenance, installation, and repair skills (including but not limited to a basic knowledge of)
                    • Networking and communications systems
                    • Programmable/configurable systems
                    • Electrical/electronic systems
                    • Hydraulic/pneumatic systems
                    • Mechanical power transmission systems
                    • Mechanical systems
                    • Piping operations
                    4.3.11 Reliability and maintainability
                    • Analysis of failure data
                    • Root cause analysis
                    • Basic reliability models
                    • Documentation requirements
                    • Investigative techniques
                    • Alarm and event analysis