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4.4 Production in the Supply Chain

Plan and monitor the movement and storage of materials and products in coordination with suppliers, internal systems, and customers.

Critical Work Functions

    4.4.1 Understand promotion and selling strategies
      4.4.2 Identify and pursue prospective customers and appropriate customer groups
        4.4.3 Monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts and services that satisfy customer needs
          4.4.4 Emphasize and promote features in marketing or sales
            4.4.5 Assist in the selection of services based on the match between customer needs and product or service specifications
              4.4.6 Inform customers regarding service contracts, offered services, estimated cost, delivery of services, and any other information regarding the purchase of services
                4.4.7 Resolve customer complaints regarding sales or services promptly and to the satisfaction of the customer
                Technical Content Areas

                  4.4.8 Automated material handling
                  • Automated material handling and distribution systems
                  • Integrated supply chain information technology
                  4.4.9 Awareness of
                  • Customs and export control
                  • Intellectual property (as it relates to sharing of information on products being produced)
                  • Shipping, receiving, and freight, certificates of authenticity
                  4.4.10 Detailed scheduling and planning
                  • Techniques of inventory management
                  • Procurement and external source of supply
                  4.4.11 Executing operations
                  • Evaluating performance of operations
                  • Executing plans and implementing controls
                  • Prioritizing and sequencing work
                  4.4.12 Managing inventory
                  • Expediting
                  • Inventory forecasting
                  • Inventory monitoring and audits
                  • Ordering materials and supplies
                  • Stock rotation requirements
                  4.4.13 Packaging and distributing product
                  • Customs and export control (basic paperwork)
                  • Labeling product- inventory tags and bar codes
                  • Packaging product
                  • Warehouse management systems
                  4.4.14 Production systems
                  • Change orders, bills of material, and work orders
                  • Lead and cycle time
                  4.4.15 Resources planning
                  • Demand management
                  • Master scheduling
                  • Measuring business performance
                  • Sales and operations planning
                  4.4.16 Supply-chain management
                  • Centralized versus decentralized control
                  • Collaborative, planning, forecasting, and replenishment
                  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) real-time
                  • E-Business and direct shipment
                  • Elements of the supply chain
                  • Just-in-time/lean manufacturing
                  • Value cost analysis
                  • Manufacturing resources planning
                  • Vendor managed inventory systems
                  4.4.17 Work flow
                  • Lot control
                  • Material handling
                  • Plant facility and capacity
                  • Production scheduling
                  • QA release