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4.6 Process and Equipment Health, Safety, and Environment

Equipment, practices, and procedures which promote a healthy and safe work environment.

Critical Work Functions

    4.6.1 Ensure that equipment is being used safely
      4.6.2 Comply with local, federal and company health, safety, and environmental regulations
        4.6.3 Identify unsafe or insecure conditions and take corrective action
          4.6.4 Conduct health, safety, and/or environmental incident and hazard investigations
            4.6.5 Conduct preventive health, safety, and/or environmental incident and hazard inspections
              4.6.6 Implement continuous improvement in health, safety, and/or environmental practices
              Technical Content Areas

                4.6.7 Continuous improvement in health, safety, and environment
                • Analysis of health/safety/environmental data
                • Identification of projects and priorities
                • Root cause analysis
                4.6.8 Environmental protection/waste management
                • Chemical hazard assessment
                • Design to minimize environmental impact
                4.6.9 Investigations for health, safety, or environmental incidences/hazards
                • Developing corrective actions
                • Documentation of findings
                • Follow-up investigation
                • Insurance (property)
                • Violations reports to proper authorities
                • Workers compensation
                4.6.10 Regulations
                • Hazardous Material Communication (HAZCOM)
                • Hazardous Material Handling and Disposal (HAZMAT)
                • Hazardous Material Information System Labeling and Storage (HMIS)
                • Regulations governing safe use of equipment
                • Role of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) or other appropriate regulatory bodies in the workplace (US only)
                • Trade Compliance Center, Department of Commerce (US only)
                4.6.11 Safety procedures
                • Confined spaces
                • First aid or first response procedures
                • Assessing material, equipment and fixtures for hazards
                • Lock/tag out practices
                • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
                • Response to shop emergencies
                • Safe evacuation of facility
                • Safe moving of materials
                • Safe, prescribed operation of equipment and tools
                • Use, maintenance, and inspection of machine safeguards
                • Use of safety equipment