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4.3 Manufacturing and Construction

The process by which materials are converted or assembled into higher value products.

    4.3.1 Identify and prioritize the technical, environmental, economic, regulatory, and other requirements of a manufacturing or construction project.
      4.3.2 Gather and analyze information to plan the manufacturing or construction process of a product or structure.
        4.3.3 Analyze the pros and cons of some alternative manufacturing or construction processes and participates in the selection of the optimum approach.
        Knowledge Areas

          4.3.4 Manufacturing processes.
            4.3.5 Infrastructure (e.g., transportation systems, water supply and wastewater systems, agriculture and food distribution, communication systems and other facilities, structures and systems supportive of daily life).
              4.3.6 Automated and fast-tracked construction methods.
                4.3.7 Lean construction.