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4.4 Operations and Maintenance

The setup, operation, control, maintenance and improvement of technology that supports production to meet client requirements.

    4.4.1 Identify, during the planning and design of a system or works, the likely operation and maintenance requirements.
      4.4.2 Develop standard operating procedures and methods for the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of engineered systems and works.
        4.4.3 Develop standards for maintenance that provide the greatest reliability of engineered systems and works given the scarce and limited resources that are available.
          4.4.4 Gather and analyze information to enable the cost-effective allocation of resources that are available for maintenance to provide the highest levels of safety and reliability of engineered systems and works.
            4.4.5 Identify and organize training necessary for technicians, supervisors, and workers so the organization has the capacity to effectively operate and maintain engineered systems and works.
              4.4.6 Create and maintain the policies and procedures for the planning, organization, supervision, and management of the maintenance and operation of engineered systems and works.
                4.4.7 Analyze the pros and cons of alternative operation and maintenance methods and select one.
                Knowledge Areas

                  4.4.8 Contracts
                    4.4.9 Material and resource management
                      4.4.10 Operator training
                        4.4.11 Personnel management methods
                          4.4.12 Project lifecycle
                            4.4.13 Project management tools and techniques