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5.2 Field Operations

Operation and maintenance of water/wastewater system infrastructure.

Critical Work Functions

  • 5.2.1 Operate, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot, and diagnose system infrastructure equipment.
    • 5.2.2 Have knowledge of cross connection control or prevention and approved backflow methods and devices.
      • 5.2.3 Identify system infrastructure control instrumentation.
        • 5.2.4 Differentiate between normal and abnormal operating conditions and preventive and corrective maintenance.
          • 5.2.5 Determine the type of equipment needed to do the job.
            • 5.2.6 Perform start-up and shut-down procedures.
              Technical Content Areas

              • 5.2.7 Electrical principles
                • 5.2.8 Mechanical principles
                  • 5.2.9 Hydraulic and pneumatic principles
                    • 5.2.10 System infrastructure operations