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4.2 Design and Development

Activities related to the research, design, and development of transportation systems capable of moving materials, products, and people to meet customer’s requirements.

Critical Work Functions

  • 4.2.1 Develops plans including routes and schedules for transporting people and goods to meet customer requirements
    • 4.2.2 Analyzes performance of transportation operations in order to improve quality and service levels and increase efficiency
      • 4.2.3 Applies systems analysis to the elements, relationships, and functions in the supply chain
        • 4.2.4 Determines customer needs and requirements
          • 4.2.5 Ensures that passengers or cargo arrive at the right location, on time, and in the safest and most efficient and economical manner within regulatory guidelines
            • 4.2.6 Maintains information on the movement of people and goods according to planned routes and schedules
              • 4.2.7 Assesses infrastructure conditions and develops plans to maintain and improve transportation infrastructure
                Technical Content Areas

                • 4.2.8 Design and Development
                  • Asset Management
                  • Geometric Design
                  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
                  • Pavements
                  • Roads and Bridges
                  • Traffic Operations and Capacity
                  • Traffic Safety
                  • Transportation Planning Development
                  • User Behavior/Human Factors
                • 4.2.9 Business Cycle
                  • Contracting
                  • Documentation
                  • Forecasting
                  • Procurement
                  • Scheduling and Monitoring
                • 4.2.10 Global Impacts
                  • Customs and Export Control (Legal Aspects)
                  • Global Supply Chain Logistics Life Cycle
                  • Intellectual Property
                  • Political Climates
                  • Taxes and Duties
                  • Shipping, Receiving, and Freight